Sometimes, Mothers Know Best
~The Story
Darryl Mobley, Founder

Darryl Mobley, Founder

Darryl Mobley’s mother and mother-in-law became too ill to go to salons and get their hair and nails done. Throughout their illnesses, the thing they told Darryl that they missed the most was getting themselves “prettied up.” They felt better when they felt they looked good. Darryl promised his “moms” that he would get great stylists to come to their homes and pretty them up. He didn’t know how difficult fulfilling his promise was going to be. It was hard to find great beauty professionals to provide the services his moms wanted at a convenient time, and in their homes.At the same time that this was happening, Darryl’s daughter complained about trying to get salon appointments during hours that fit into her packed schedule as a college student and varsity volleyball player.

Then Darryl heard his wife and her friends sharing horror stories about fighting traffic to get to the salon, the need to schedule costly baby sitters, weekends wasted sitting in a salon, the mother who can’t get to the salon because she has a young baby, missed movies because the stylist was running late, the difficulty trying to schedule sessions for both mother and daughter on the same day, difficulties the disabled or ill have getting to salons, and arriving at yoga too stressed from traffic to enjoy the session. Many wanted to schedule their services before going to work, during their lunchtime, or in the evenings, but couldn’t. There was a lot of anxiety packed into the current way of getting services.

Darryl knew there had to be a better way.

So Darryl spoke with hundreds of other women, cosmetologists, makeup artists, nail technicians and other beauty and wellness professionals. The professionals told him that they loved what they do. Many are limited by their salon’s hours. On top of this, many said they don’t make a decent wage after paying fees to the salon. (Click Here if you are a terrific beauty or wellness professional and want to join

Darryl soon had the idea for a way to allow women & men to get the services they want, when they want them, and where they want them. His idea became “”

Darryl’s original, mom-inspired mission when he started BoomZip was to use technology to make it easier and more convenient to get beauty & wellness services. “Beauty & Wellness. To You!” remains BoomZip’s mission.

Enjoy Life!